The School provides an Orientation Program that includes the below table of contents

  • Assistance will also be provided to international students to help them better adapt to the local environment by covering information for items 21-26 in the above table.
1School’s Vision, Mission, Values, Culture
2School’s location(s) and a general description of the facilities and infrastructures
3Application requirements and procedures
4Course counselling to match the aspirations of the prospective students with the course learning outcomes
5Type of certification awarded at the end of the course (certificate/diploma/advance diploma/degree/master/PhD etc)
6Opportunities for further education after graduation or job prospect after graduation
7Total payable fee throughout the course duration. (Including detailed breakdown of Course Fees and Miscellaneous fees that might be chargeable).
8Payment and FPS Information (Including the Fee Protection Scheme adopted by the school, the FPS Provider, Payment methods, Schedule and Procedures.)
9Student Contract clauses
10Refund Policy and Procedures
11Transfer and Withdrawal Policy and Procedures. (Including the implications of a transfer or withdrawal)
12Internal and External Grievance, and Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures
13Course Deferment and Extension Criteria and Procedures.
14Suspension and Expulsion Criteria
15Available student’s support services
16Course admission requirements and any exemption (if applicable)
17Course modules and outlines
18Course duration and assessment schedules
19Promotion and award criteria, including any special condition
20Reference to CPE official website ( for more details
21Items 21-26 for International Students intending to study in SingaporeRelevant Singapore laws especially those relating to ICA and Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This include, but are not limited to, immigration requirements, laws on driving, drugs and alcohol abuse, employment, smoking, traffic and littering
22Visa and student’s pass application requirements and procedures
23Advice on personal and medical insurance
24Advice on accommodation and the cost of living
25General healthcare services in Singapore and
26English language proficiency requirement (if applicable).