Course Developer    : ADDISON INSTITUTE

Course Duration       : 8 Months

Entry Requirements :

   *          16 years and above

                *   Atleast ONE GCE ‘O’ Level or Equivalent

   *  Passed English at GCE ‘O’ Level or Equivalent

   *   Those with working experience will be considered on a case to case basis, &

   *   Applicants without English proficiency   must pass Addison Institute English Proficiency Placement Test prior to admission.

Recognition of Prior Learning( RPL)

Exemptions may be granted to students who show proof of prior learning on certain module(s). This is subject to verification and approval by the Academic Board.

Course Structure :

* Principles of Management

* Business Communication

* Management Information Applications

* Human Resource

* Principles of Marketing

* Accounting

Principles of Management 

     This module aim to instill in the learners, the importance of the traditional Functional Approach to Management, which is the foundation of management studies.

Business Communication 

     This module is to provide students with a clear understanding of Concepts of Business Communication, Networking Skills and techniques to Negotiate for Success.

Management Information  Applications  

    The aim of this module is to equip students with the fundamentals of using  IT in business operations and decision making , understanding the needs of security management while developing the Information management system within the organization.

Human Resource

          The objective(s) of this module is to provide students with an understanding of the importance of Human Resources/Personnel Management to the staffing function in the work environment.

Principles of Marketing

       This module is to provide students with a clear understanding of Concepts of Marketing and  its Practices.


    This module is to provide students with a clear understanding of concepts of managing accounts, control and audits, book-keeping and computerized accounts

Assessments  and Award

• Each module is designed as a stand alone unites, and successful students will be issued with a Certificate of attendance.

• Students who completed and passed all the six modules’ assessments criteria of the program will be awarded the Diploma in Business Administration issued by ADDISON INSTITUTE.

Course Intake

 Intakes available on every month of the year

Breakdown of Fees in


1. Application Fees(non refundable)   S$100

2. Course Fee S$2800(GST Included) S$ 350/Month (12 months Instalment)

3. Uniform S$37

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