[SSG CIRCULAR/PPD/2021/1] Advisory on the implementation of the SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) for CET venues

Dear Training Providers (TPs),

We would like to update you on the implementation of the SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) for Continuing Education and Training (CET) venues. SSG strongly encourages TPs to adopt this new check-in method for SafeEntry.

SafeEntry Gateway(SEGW)

2.            SEGW facilitates a more convenient check-in experience for both TraceTogether Token and App users. It only requires the TraceTogether App or Token to be brought within 1-25cm of range to detect Bluetooth signals for check-in i.e. tap and go.

3.            TPs can easily deploy the SEGW by switching on the SEGW feature in the SafeEntry (Business) App or apply for a SEGW Box from the government. The deployment of SEGW is optional and non-mandatory for your venue. However, we strongly encourage TPs without any Token check-in facility to deploy the SEGW, to provide convenience to Token users. Please find the information below to help you get started.

Types of SEGW

4.            There are two types of SEGWs that you can deploy based on your business needs. Please refer to the table below for specifications.

SEGW Box  SEGW on SE (Business) App Version 1.1.0
Equipment requirements 1.A device that requires constant power source
2.Works with power bank but might have to recharge power bank frequently
3.Comes with one-year cellular data
1.Additional feature on the existing SafeEntry (Business) App
2.Businesses will be able to download or upgrade the App for immediate use
3.Mobile phone or tablet has to have cellular data or be connected to WiFi
Provision of device1.Government to fund one device (including cellular) per manned public-facing entrance
2.Subject to a cap per venue
1.Business to utilize existing or provision new compatible mobile phone / tablet and cellular data / WiFi
Check-in confirmationA green light and ”beep” to indicate successful check-in; if check-in is unsuccessful, the device will not flash green or beepStatus of check-in (i.e. “Successful”) will display on the mobile phone/table screen
Response time for check-in1-2 seconds 1-2 seconds

Important things to note for SEGW

5.            The SEGW does not replace existing modes of SafeEntry check-in such as QR codes and scanning of NRIC barcode. Business should offer it as an additional mode of check-in, as visitors may not have the TraceTogether App or Token that is required for the SEGW.

6.            If you wish to apply for a SEGW box, please visit the SafeEntry website (http://safeentry.gov.sg/login) and log in with your SafeEntry business account. Registration begins on 15 March 2021. You may apply for one(1) SEGW box at no charge. (Note: The list of venues eligible for SEGW box can be found in Annex A.)

7.            For technical support and queries on SEGW, TPs may submit a request to SNDGO at https://go.gov.sg/gateway-support. For appeals to request for additional SEGWs, TPs may submit a request to SNDGO at https://go.gov.sg/gateway-appeal.

8.            For more information on the SEGW, please visit https://go.gov.sg/gateway-overview or refer to the appended resource guides in Annex B.

[Reminder] Conditions for in-person CET activities during Phase 3

9.           Maximum class size. SSG’s prevailing guideline for a maximum class size of 40 persons (excluding the trainer(s)) for course quality reasons remains and takes precedence for all in-person CET activities. All TPs must put in place safe management measures, in line with the prevailing safe management measures for the workplace and/or training sites stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This is for strict compliance by TPs.

10.          Option to offer dual delivery modes. From 19 June 2020, TPs have the option of offering training of the same course content in dual delivery modes (i.e. both in-person and synchronous e-learning). For TPs who are delivering their courses in synchronous e-learning, you should continue to do so. As a reminder, the mode of training delivery should be strictly aligned to the delivery mode approved on TPGateway.

For strict compliance by Training Providers

11.           TPs are required to strictly comply with national COVID-19 measures and all additional measures stipulated by SSG. Failure to comply may be taken as a violation of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations with its attendant penalties. TPs may also be subject to additional SSG actions, e.g. termination of registration status or suspension of SSG funding.

12.           For any clarifications, you may contact SSG’s hotline at 6785 5785 or log a case via the Feedback Portal at https://portal.ssg-wsg.gov.sg/feedback.

Thank you.



Annex A: Venues eligible to apply for SEGW box

  • Schools and educational institutes
  • Preschools and student care centres
  • Tuition and enrichment, training centres, and other training/ class venues (note: excluding outdoor classes)
  • Sports and fitness centres, including gyms, studios
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Residential and community-based care facilities e.g. nursing homes, Senior Activity Centres, Senior Care Centres, Day Activity Centres for Persons with Disabilities
  • Clinics, TCM clinics, complementary healthcare facilities
  • Places of worship (<100pax services)
  • Hotels & hostels
  • F&B outlets for dine-in customers
  • Personal care services e.g. hairdressers / barbers, spas, beauty and wellness centres
  • Facilities providing basic pet services (that do not function on a drop-off, pick-up basis)
  • Country and recreation clubs
  • Registered premises of other member clubs/societies
  • Entertainment venues: amusement centres, computer game centres, board game centres, billiard saloons, paintball game centres, axe-throwing centres
  • Showrooms (e.g. property, car)
  • Retail bank branches and insurers with customer-facing locations*

*Retail bank branches and insurers with customer-facing locations identified will be notified by MAS.

Annex B: Resource Guides for SEGW

A. Information pack for businesses

B. User guide to apply for SEGW device

C. User guide for SEGW box setup

D. User guide for SEGW feature on App setup

E. User guide for ensuring successful check-in

F. Poster for display (SEGW box)

G. Poster for display (SEGW App