1. Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) / Course Permission Updates

*Only applicable for TPs or PEIs applying for WSQ courses that fall under the Private Education (PE) ActERF and Course Permission application for WSQ PE courses now available through TPGateway:

  1. New “PEI” section added to the Organisation Registration (OR) form – you no longer need to upload a separate ERF Smartform under ‘Supporting Documents’ moving forward.
  2. Consolidated PEI course application – you no longer need to apply for course permission through GoBusiness Licensing. Your course permission application will be submitted as part of your course application in TPGateway.

2. Other Enhancements

  • Delete course application drafts
    Delete draft course applications that are no longer needed to eliminate clutter on your “Submissions” dashboard. Simply look for the course application and click on ... icon to select the ‘Delete’ option
  • Enhancements to Course Application: ‘Getting You Started’ and ‘Journey Ahead’
    Additional guidance and help icons are now available in ‘Getting You Started’ and ‘Journey Ahead’ to assist you in submitting accurate course applications. Hover over the i icon icons for more information about the question or field.

For future updates on TPGateway features, kindly refer to “New Features” page under “Who We Are” HERE.