1. Make-up Classes and Assessments

bullet 1

Encountered trainee who…

  • Requires make-up classes and/or assessments for funding
  • Enrolled in Assessment-Only Pathway (AOP) course
  • Requested to defer to another course run?

Refer to Course Runs, FAQ 19 for steps to administer make-up classes and/or re-assessments.

For grants to be processed, please ensure to:

  • Conduct make-up sessions/assessments within 60 calendar days from initial course run end date the trainee was enrolled in
  • Capture trainee’s attendance records within 14/28* calendar days after course run end date (applies to both initial and make-up session)
  • Capture trainee’s assessment records within 14/28* calendar days after course run end date (applies to both initial assessment and make-up assessment)

*14 calendar days for public TPs, 28 calendar days for in-house TPs

2. PayNow Reminder

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Training Grants disbursements from TPGateway will be made via PayNow Corporate. TPs are to ensure to:

  • Set up a valid PayNow Corporate account with the bank and/or
  • Update PayNow details in TPGateway under your “Organisation Profile”

Otherwise, disbursements will NOT proceed! For more information on PayNow, visit here or contact your local bank.

How to update PayNow (for existing TPs*):

  • From “Organisation Profile” tile, click on “Update Profile” button
  • Key in PayNow account details under “PayNow Account” section
  • Click on “Validate” button
  • Click on “Submit” button

New TPs are required to key in your PayNow Corporate details as part of the Organisation Registration application.

Do also remind eligible trainees and trainees’ employers to have a valid PayNow account, linked to their NRIC or UEN to receive Training Allowance and Absentee Payroll payout, respectively.

3. Enrol Trainees with Incomplete Date of Birth

bullet 3

Missing day and/or month of trainee’s DOB on his/her NRIC? TPs to input “01” at the appropriate day and/or month field under Date of Birth (DoB).

For example: Trainee’s NRIC displays his/her DoB as “1945” (i.e. no day and month information). Please input DoB as “01-01-1945”.

Please inform trainee that it is strictly for submitting his/her enrolment in TPGateway and does not represent his/her actual day/month of birth before submitting the trainee’s enrolment.